Copy. Content. Creativity. Collaboration.

AshleyMcCannHeadshotAlthough my specialty lies in content marketing in its many forms, my passion is for storytelling. In fact, I don’t even like the connotation of the word ‘content’ — it sounds more like letters that make words that make paragraphs that fill space and time and attention versus stories and substance that add information or value.

The ceaseless stream of digital data in the form of status updates and notifications has helped shorten attention spans, so it’s important to start an actual conversation with purpose and intention instead of just shouting into the abyss of the internet. Your brand needs a personality, and I want to be its voice coach.

Whether you need copywriting, creative collateral, content marketing, blogging, social media strategy, ghostwriting — or just about anything involving words, really — I can help you deliver your message in a personable and compelling voice and tone and make sure it resonates with its intended audience.

I’ve been published in newspapers and magazines, collaborated on content marketing for major corporations such as eBay, Home Depot, Tiny Prints, Shutterfly and Netflix, blogged for widely-recognized websites, managed a website for a major media company, and created social media strategies for a wide variety of businesses and platforms, but, really, I just love words and the art of telling a story. Let me tell yours.

Please click here for a more comprehensive copy of my portfolio.








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